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By today's generation, for today's generation.

Tackling Eating Disorders and building a community for recovery .

What does EDge do?

Did you know that about 85% of adolescents and teenagers suffer from body dysmorphia? What about the fact that in the ages from 12-28, most people start to restrict their eating habits and try to consume less than they need because of non-medical reasons? The facts are, eating disorder is not considered an important health and medical problem, and is even considered to be "normal." Social media further contorts reality and body image. But this doesn't just apply to women. Eating disorders affect people from all genders and ages. EDge community is an initiative to help in the recovery of Eating Disorders and spreading awareness. With EDge community support, health professionals' advice, blogs, in-person events, talks from people who've recovered from ED and an app to help recovery, EDge organization is a conclusive effort to help the community. 

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