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Our Mission

In today's Internet generation, it is easy to get swept up in the sea of perspectives and illusion. While social media realities are in fact, not real, it creates a massive influence on the minds of teenagers and even adults. EDge community's goal is to help in the breaking of these perspectives, and to aid in recovery. 

Our focus is also to ensure that Eating Disorder awareness and help is not entered solely on any gender or ethnic group, but instead to be inclusive and understanding. 

Our Story

Today's youth is the victim of a lot of information, but no proper means to an end. We all want to help. It takes a while to find out how. EDge community is an initiative to make change and create a strong community of body positive and Eating Disorder recovered people. Starting of as a small group of high school students from around the world, with passion for a cause and to put an end to to a problem we've all borne witness to, EDge community is ever growing.   

Passionate about the cause and our mission? You can help! Join our team today in the apply section if you want to be an active part of the EDge community. Don't have as much time in your hands but still want to submit your ideas to be considered for a blog? submit your ideas in the blog section and be credited. Are you someone who has been affected by Eating Disorders or know someone who's been affected by it and have things to share and help others? Submit your advice and/or story in the community section to make an impact. Do you think there is any other way that you can to help us out? Or maybe you want to suggest things for us to add to make EDge more impactful. Email us with your ideas and suggestions at:

How can you help?

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